Market Arrangement Code

View the proposed final version of the document which we expect to designate as the Market Arrangements Code pursuant to Condition R3 of the Instrument of Appointment of appointed water and/or sewerage undertakers and Condition B1 of the Standard Conditions of Water Supply and Sewerage Licences.

When these conditions come into effect at Market Opening, undertakers and Licensees will be obliged to be party to and comply with this document as a condition of their Appointments or Licences. Undertakers and Licensees who wish to trade from Market Opening will be required to accede to this document by signing the MAC framework agreement or the accession agreement set out in the Market Arrangements Code before Market Opening.

On Wednesday 8 March 2017, Ofwat will be holding an event at which appointed water and wastewater companies and water supply and sewerage licensees (‘Original parties’) together with the Market Operator (MO) will sign the MAC Framework Agreement. For more information, see our letter to Appointees and Licensees. This letter was updated on 2 March to include the responses to some frequently asked questions.

The final codes and responses have been added to our consultation.

Wholesale Retail Code

View the proposed final version of the Wholesale Retail Code which we intend to designate formally as a code pursuant to sections 66DA and 117F Water Industry Act 1991, when the Secretary of State has commenced our power to do so. We expect this to happen at Market Opening.

In order to provide certainty to participants we are publishing this document in advance of formal designation so that participants can make the necessary preparation for Market Opening. We do not intend to make modifications to this document in advance of its designation at Market Opening unless those modifications are critical to Market Opening and could not be managed through the enduring processes.

The final codes and responses have been added to our consultation.