Discover water

Water company and sector performance information

Comparing companies

Water and wastewater services are provided by different types of company. Most people get their services from regional monopolies that provide either water services, or both water and sewerage services. We expect monopoly companies to publish information about their performance so that customers and others can use it to compare them and challenge companies to do better.

If you want to know how your water company is performing, there are several ways you can do this.

  • You can find information about a company on its website or by contacting them.
  • The largest companies publish their information on a website called ‘Discover Water‘We also use the information that companies publish to look at their performance in different areas. You can find out more below.

Customer service

Our annual service incentive mechanism (SIM) measures customer service. Companies’ will earn rewards or penalties depending how they perform.

Being well run

We set some principles for each company to help guide them in being well run. Companies show how they are meeting them each year.

Overall service delivery

Each year we check that customers of monopoly companies are getting the overall service and investment that was agreed.

Monitoring financial resilience

We use the information monopoly companies publish is to monitor their financial health and stability – their financial resilience

Information quality

All monopoly water-only and water and wastewater companies in England and Wales publish information on their performance each year. We rate each company on the...

Historic performance

We report on the performance of regulated water companies using the information they publish each year.

Bills and charging schemes

Companies are responsible for determining their charges. We monitor and approve each company’s water and sewerage charges every year.