Improving regulation

Our vision is to be a trusted and respected regulator, working at the leading edge, and stretching ourselves and others to build trust and confidence in water. Our regulation needs to be dynamic in responding to changes both within the sector and to what customers and society expect.

Retail market for business customers

The Water Act 2014 enables the creation of a new market for retail water and sewerage services to non-household customers in England.

Thames Tideway

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a large infrastructure project by Thames Water. It is intended to improve the capacity of London’s sewerage system and reduce...

Sustainable drainage

In urban areas we have two main types of drainage systems. In some places, sewage and surface water are collected separately. In other places the...

Climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. It will have a significant and permanent impact on the water cycle.

Consumer policy

We have a primary duty to protect consumers and have particular regard to those who may be vulnerable.


Customers want confidence that clean, safe drinking water will be reliably available and that they can rely on their wastewater being taken away.