Our consultation on the cost of debt

Part of Water 2020 this consultation sets out options and our preferred approach to setting the cost of debt allowance…

Marketplace of ideas @ WaterUK

Water companies have been exploring ways to address the challenges that lie ahead

2016 non-household retail price review

Supporting non-household retail market opening in England in 2017.

Previous price reviews

We have previously set price controls every five years. The last time was in 2014.

Water 2020: future markets and price controls

Customers rely on being provided with a safe, reliable service at the best possible price. Building trust and confidence in this vital service is framing everything we are doing as an economic regulator; our actions and our decisions. The water and wastewater sector is evolving and there is a lot to do to ensure that we – as a sector – are facing the challenges of the future and is prepared to deliver upon the reforms set out in the Water Act 2014.

We have published a consultation considering how we set the cost of debt. This is part of our work under the Water 2020 programme and is an important step as be build towards PR19.


December 2014

Our price review means customers will get more for less over the next five years, with bills falling by 5% in real terms and service improvements

July 2015Our discussion papers considers the challenges facing the water sector in England and Wales, and how Ofwat can help it to address these challenges

December 2015Our December consultation set out proposals for long-term changes to our regulatory approach for wholesale market and PR19

May 2016Our decisions on our regulatory approach to benefit customers, promote efficient markets and ensure targeted and proportionate regulation
October/November 2016Consultation on customer engagement and outcomes and further design issues
June/July 2017

Methodology consultation for PR19

UKRN paper: Inflation measures for economic regulation