Application process

We set out here the timetable and process for applying for a new appointment. Throughout this section, we use the term ‘new appointments’ to refer to new appointments and ‘variations’ as appropriate, unless otherwise specified.

If your application meets all of the criteria and contains all of the required information, we will attempt to grant you a new appointment in 110 working days. However, the process may take considerably longer if there are matters to be resolved or further information is required.

Preliminary steps

All parties should communicate effectively, particularly at the start of the application process. This will prevent unnecessary delays.

1. Discuss new appointment proposal with Ofwat — applicant

We advise you to discuss your proposals with us before submitting your formal application. All enquiries will be treated confidentially. At this stage we can discuss what is required of an appointed water and/or sewerage company and the criteria your proposal will have to meet. It allows time for potential problems and issues to be examined.

You can contact Case Management Office at[email protected] to discuss a potential application.

2. Prepare a complete application — applicant

You will need to talk to us and the relevant existing appointed water and/or sewerage companies to help you prepare your application. We cannot accept a proposal without full supporting evidence or information. Find out more about the information to be submitted.

2.a. Start to negotiate for thebulk supply or sewer connection agreement — applicant, existing appointed water and/or sewerage company

If your application requires a bulk supply or sewer connection agreement, you should start to negotiate the agreement with the relevant appointed water and/or sewerage company before you submit your application.

Application – submission and consideration

3. Submit complete application to Ofwat — applicant

Within 14 calendar days of submission, you must publish a notice of your application and provide copies of the notices to us. Do not do this until we will tell you to do so.

4. Assessment of the application — Ofwat up to 55 working days

Once we have received your application, we will check that it contains the correct information, meets the criteria and we may make enquiries about any part of the application.

5. Statutory public consultation — at least 28 calendar days

If we propose to grant you a new appointment, we will consult publicly for a minimum of 28 calendar days. In addition to the public consultation, we will notify the relevant appointed water and/or sewerage companies, the Environment Agency and the local authorities in the area.


6. Consideration of responses to the consultation — Ofwat up to 10 working days

Before deciding whether to grant an appointment, we will consider the responses to the consultation. If objections are raised we will try to resolve them as quickly as possible.

7. New appointment made — Ofwat up to 10 working days

Subject to us receiving copies of signed bulk services contracts, we will either issue you a new appointment or vary your existing appointment if you already have one. We will notify the relevant appointed water companies and other parties such as the Environment Agency and the local authorities once we have done so.