Meeting the challenges

Our shared vision for the water sector in England and Wales is one where customers and wider society have trust and confidence in vital public water and wastewater services.

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What do we mean by trust and confidence?

We all rely on water and wastewater services every day. In our:

  • homes
  • businesses
  • environment
  • wider society

Customers and wider society need to have trust and confidence in the vital public services the water sector provides. This includes trust and confidence in:

Trust and confidence in


Challenges facing the water sector

Challenges are threatening the services we all rely on every day.


Everyone involved in the water and wastewater sector has a role to play to help address these challenges.

Meeting the challenges together

Securing trust in water is a complex and challenging task.
To achieve trust and confidence, water and wastewater service providers must:

  • listen to their customers and deliver the outcomes they and wider society want at every stage of the water cycle
  • have strong relationships with the supply chain and investors
  • speak with and listen to government and regulators.

Meeting challenges

But everyone has a part to play. We need to work together, listening and communicating openly and clearly to build confidence among customers, investors, social and environmental groups, and each other.