Customer water use

Water is a precious resource, and is likely to become more so in the coming years. While it sometimes rains a lot, some parts of the country, such as the densely populated South East England, are much drier than other regions, so there is less water for people to use.

We also use far more water than previous generations. In total we each use about 150 litres every day and this is likely to keep going up. At the same time climate change could mean that less water will be available in the future.

Because water is precious, it is everyone’s responsibility to use it wisely. You can help by following our water saving tips. Your water company can also offer you help saving water.

Water companies have an important role to play in delivering water supplies. They have to plan how they will meet the demand for water in the most efficient way. That includes meeting targets to reduce leakage, increase water efficiency, and plan for climate change adaptation.

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