Living our strategy – Ofwat’s new structure

Ofwat is the economic regulator of water and wastewater services in England and Wales. Our goals are to:

  • transform water companies’ performance for customers;
  • drive water companies to meet long-term challenges through increased collaboration and partnerships; and
  • make sure water companies serve a wider public purpose, delivering more for customers, society and the environment.

In ‘Time to act together – Ofwat’s strategy’ we said that these three strategic goals for the sector, and the changes to our regulatory approach we set out, mean we need to evolve how we work. To achieve this we are, among other things, building on our experience of creating interdisciplinary teams so we are agile and efficient in everything that we do. We are calling these ‘clusters’.


Ofwat is made up of six clusters: Regulatory Enablers, Insights and Impacts, Policy & Outcomes, Company Performance and Price Reviews, Corporate Enablers, and RAPID.

Our Regulatory Enablers cluster comprises our Legal, Corporate Governance, Communications, Economists, Investor relations, and Casework and Enforcement teams, as well as our PA network, which work across Ofwat to support its work as a regulator.

Our Corporate Enablers cluster provides corporate and business support, and ensures that the right capabilities and tools are in place to enable success across Ofwat.

The Insights and Impacts cluster provides data insights to foster greater understanding of the water sector. It also evaluates the effectiveness of our policies and curates data to support policy development and enforcement.

The Policy and Outcomes cluster aims to develop and implement regulatory policy, and drive improvement to support our strategic goals for the sector and deliver the best outcomes for customers and the environment.

Our Company Performance and Price Review team is dedicated to shaping and designing the 2024 price review (PR24) to accelerate progress towards our long term goals for the sector.

RAPID (Regulators’ Alliance for Progressing Infrastructure Development) is a joint regulatory unit between Ofwat, the Environment Agency, and the Drinking Water Inspectorate. RAPID is tasked with managing development funding that water companies can access to progress large scale strategic water supply projects, to help meet evolving water supply needs.

Next steps

In practical terms, unless we have advised you recently of particular email inboxes to use, you should continue to speak to your existing Ofwat contacts. They will advise you on whether you need to speak to anyone different about a particular issue, topic or piece of work.

If you have any questions about our new structure or need more information, please contact us.