How we work

We work with others and develop strong relationships to influence the sector and in order to deliver trust and confidence in water. The world is changing and changing fast – the advent of new technology and social media is acting to change what is possible in delivering better services for water customers.

We will seek to understand more deeply what customers expect and encourage the same from the sector to ensure the best outcomes from our regulatory work. To achieve our vision for the water sector, we will work in new and more innovative ways – we will learn from others and develop skills, capabilities and strategic relationships that enable us to achieve the vision.

We want to be able to predict where our focus needs to be to make the most difference, to respond quickly to new circumstances – all the time maintaining our focus on protecting customers’ and society’s interests. And we will continually review our ways of working to ensure that our systems, processes and governance arrangements are proportionate to the outcomes we want to achieve.

Our values

We aspire to act in line with our values in everything we do. This allows us to get the best out of our passionate, skilled and knowledgeable people.

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Working for us

What does it mean to ‘be Ofwat’? Watch our animation giving a flavour of what it’s like to work in Ofwat, what we expect from our people and what we offer in return.

You can also watch one of our economists and one of our engineers talk about what they do.

Our people

To deliver our strategy through its programmes we must have the right people, with the right skills, at the right time. We achieve this through long-term  planning to make sure we have the right skills and experience we need, when we need it, to do our job.

Watch one of people talk about career development at Ofwat.

Operating model

Our people are organised into ‘resource pools’, which reflect the skill set each of them primarily brings to Ofwat. We choose people from different resource pools to work on programmes and projects – and use external people and specialists as needed. We devolve decision making on programmes to Senior Responsible Owners for each programme. Our Chief Executive − supported by our Senior Leadership Team − is accountable for the efficiency and effectiveness of our portfolio of programmes.

Watch one of our people talk about programme-led working.

How we are funded

We aim to fulfil our responsibilities effectively and efficiently. Our expenditure requirements are met largely by licence fees, which customers ultimately pay for in their water and wastewater bills. We recover these licence fees from the companies we regulate.