Bioresources control: supplementary document

Bioresources control: supplementary document

Published date: September 2, 2022
Closing date:


About Consultation

In our draft methodology document1 we recognised that some of our proposals regarding the
bioresources control would require us to undertake our benchmarking modelling in a new
way. To help test this and illustrate how our proposals could work in practice and their
potential impact, we are publishing this supplementary document.

This document:
• sets out the type of data we could use; and
• provides some example model results.

In this document we discuss potential refinements to how asset value and depreciation data
could be calculated and request that wastewater companies provide this information based
on our revised guidance.

The closing date for providing a response to our proposals regarding bioresources is 5pm
Friday 16 September 2022. The additional information we are requesting should be sent to us
by 5pm Friday 23 September 2022.