Bioresources and water resources market information consultation

Bioresources and water resources market information consultation

Published date: April 20, 2017
Closing date:


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We set out our decision to introduce market information remedies in ‘Our regulatory approach for water and wastewater services in England and Wales’, Ofwat, May 2016 (‘the May decision document’). In that document we noted the important role that revealing information within bioresources and water resources has in helping to improve the value of the services provided and encouraging new innovative ways of delivering services. This will bring benefits to customers, companies, investors and the environment and help achieve our vision of trust and confidence in the water sector in England and Wales.

The development of markets in bioresources and water resources will enable companies to look beyond traditional company boundaries and their own in-house solutions for opportunities for sharing existing resources or co-ordinate the development of new resources to maximise the value of the services provided. Considering the full range of market options will help minimise costs to customers. Vibrant markets for these services also enhance resilience by increasing the pool of service providers.

Our approach to developing these markets is aligned with the draft strategic policy statements (SPSs) of both Defra and the Welsh government. We will review our final market information requirements in the light of any developments in those SPSs.

We would welcome any comments on this document and have raised a number of questions below. Please email your responses to them to [email protected] or post them to:

Market information consultation response
Ofwat, Centre City Tower
7 Hill Street
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The closing date for this consultation is 6 July 2017.

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