Consultation on change of ownership for South Staffordshire Water plc

Consultation on change of ownership for South Staffordshire Water plc

Published date: March 19, 2019
Closing date:


About Consultation

This document is a consultation on the issues arising out of the recent change of control of South Staffordshire Water plc (“South Staffs Water” or “the Company”). Ofwat considers a change of control to have occurred when there is any change in who can materially influence the direction, strategy or activities of a business. We do not limit our definition of change of control to a situation in which all or a substantial portion of the shares in a company[1] are transferred to another party.

In 2018 we consulted on how we approach changes of control; following responses to this, we published conclusions on our position. The document sets out our assessment of the change of control at South Staffs Water.

[1] For the purpose of this document, a reference to a water company or company means a company holding an appointment as a water and/or sewerage undertaker under the Water Industry Act 1991

How to respond

We would welcome any comments on this document. Please send your responses to [email protected]. You can also submit your response by post to:

Change of Control – South Staffs Water
Centre City Tower
7 Hill Street
Birmingham, B5 4UA

The closing date for this consultation is 16 April 2019. We will publish responses to this consultation on our website at, unless you indicate that you would like your response to remain unpublished.