Gathering data about developer services – a consultation

Gathering data about developer services – a consultation

Published date: June 24, 2021
Closing date:


About Consultation

This document consults on the collection of additional data to inform the regulation of the developer services market as part of the 2024 price review (PR24).

Specifically, we are building on work carried out for us by CEPA and published alongside our May 2021 PR24 discussion document, that identified two options – an adaptation of our current regulatory approach, or a more fundamental change in how we regulate developer services. Furthermore, we are continuing to consider whether a separate control for contestable (site specific) developer services would be beneficial.

We propose to collect more data on costs, revenues and market share of incumbents and competitors, to:

  • inform our view on whether an option that relies more on competition can be justified;
  • help refine existing uncertainty mechanisms within the price control; and
  • support the evolution of the cost assessment at PR24.

Where to send submissions

The closing date for this consultation is 22 July. Please email us at [email protected] with your response, or if you wish to discuss any aspect of this consultation, or to arrange a conversation on the issues we have raised.

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