Interim supply: A consultation on process amendments

Interim supply: A consultation on process amendments

Published date: July 16, 2020
Closing date:


About Consultation

Interim Supply are the arrangements for protecting customers in the event that a retailer makes an unplanned exit from the business retail market, for example prompted by insolvency. As part of this, Ofwat has an obligation to from time to time review and if appropriate revise, the Interim Supply Code (ISC). This consultation sets out proposed incremental changes to the ISC and complementary changes to the Wholesale Retail Code (WRC). The changes are aimed primarily at improving consistency between the ISC and WRC and also include some process changes.

Where to send submissions

We welcome your views on this consultation by 5pm on 6 August 2020. The specific questions which we would welcome responses on are set out in the consultation document.

Please submit email responses to [email protected], with the subject “Interim Supply: A consultation on process amendments”. Due to the pandemic, we are currently unable to accept responses by post.