Statutory consultation on updating Ofwat's charging rules

Statutory consultation on updating Ofwat's charging rules

Published date: August 3, 2021
Closing date:


About Consultation

Ofwat sets principle-based charging rules which give companies flexibility to innovate in how they calculate and present their charges and offer better customer services. Having the ability to set rules means we can monitor developments and respond to them accordingly and resolve potential breaches of our rules by issuing enforcement directions.

The consultation document sets out the changes we propose to make to our charging rules under the relevant sections of the Water Industry Act 1991 (the Act) as amended by the Water Act 2014. We consulted on these proposed changes in June 2021. This document also sets out responses to that consultation and our decisions in the light of the responses received. This statutory consultation is the formal, final step before we issue revised rules, to take effect from 1 April 2022, which we issue under the Act.

We consult on changes to the Wholesale Charging Rules under sections 66EB and 117K; changes to the English New Connection Rules under sections 51CE, 105ZG and 144ZB; and changes to the Charges Scheme Rules under section 143.

Where to send submissions

Please email us at [email protected] with your response.

The closing date for this consultation is 1 September 2021 and we will consider all responses carefully.

Original consultation

Link to Consultation on updating Ofwat’s charging rules

Final rules

You can find the final rules here. (Effective from April 2022)

Supporting documents