Ensuring water companies incentivise home builders to make them water efficient


Author: Emily Bulman, Ofwat Director

Environmental incentives webAt Ofwat we know that building new homes with an understanding of water issues can contribute to sustainable management of our water supplies and reduce costs for business and households.

Many water companies provide discounts to developers to incentivise building new homes that use less water and avoid letting surface water enter the public sewer system.

To ensure water companies are doing what they can to incentivise developers we reviewed the current incentives offered to developers. While we are pleased to see some companies have launched or improved the environmental incentives they offer, many companies do not offer effective incentives or do not communicate them effectively.

The review’s report highlights the range of developers can be incentivised and promotes existing good practices.

The review will also be used to engage further with the industry on how we regulate environmental incentives for developer services in PR24 and beyond.