Ofwat Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) requires all public authorities to maintain a publication scheme.

The aim of the publication scheme is to set out:

  • What information Ofwat publishes or intends to publish as a matter of course.
  • How we will publish this information.
  • Whether the information will be free of charge or on payment.

If you are looking for information held about yourself by Ofwat, please see our Freedom of Information page.

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Please click on one of the links below to go to the relevant section. Many documents are available to view and download free of charge.

Where documents are not available online, details of who can provide the documents are provided. See our Charges and Fees information below for further information.

If you are unable to find the information you were looking for, you can make a request under the Freedom of information.

About us

Our structure, values and performance

Our spending

Financial info, procurement and accounts

Our priorities

Our five year business plan and forward programme

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Our decisions and determinations

Corporate policies

Delivering our functions and responsibilities.

Lists and registers

How to view the register and asset register information

Services we provide

How we can help with complaints and disputes

Additional information

Information we do not hold and third party information

Fee and charges

We hope to provide most information requested free of charge. However, there are some limited instances where we ask for costs to be reimbursed. Charges we make for routinely published material will be justified and transparent and kept to a minimum.

We make charges information subject to a charging regime specified by Parliament. We may also make charges for information provided under this scheme where they are:

  • legally authorised,
  • justified (including the general principles of the right of access to information held by public authorities); and
  • in accordance with a published schedule or schedules of fees.

If we make a charge, we will confirm the payment due before the information is provided. We may request payment before providing information.

When we send you information in paper format, you will be asked to pay photocopying, printing and postage costs. In line with MoJ guidance, we will waive charges which are less than £10. Our charges are given below.

  • we will charge 10p per page for information we provide you in paper format
  • we will use our current postal delivery services to despatch information to you and will select the cheapest option available to us unless you tell us otherwise.

The fees payable for any inspection of the contents of the Ofwat register or the supply of a certified copy of, or extract from, the contents of the register are set out in our notice on access to the Ofwat register.


We have a transparency website page which publishes all information identified for publication under the Government's transparency initiative.

Our information resources

Wherever possible we will provide information in an accessible format.

Our website is updated daily and we will regularly review the information we publish to ensure it is up to date and as comprehensive as possible.

As a public body, we have a duty to retain proper records of our activities. This duty does not, however, require us to retain all information indefinitely. The guiding principle is to retain information that allows key regulatory decisions to be explained.

Full details on our retention and disposal of information.

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