Our commitment to diversity

Ofwat is ambitious about the future and looking for people who can help us to achieve our goals. Our people are at the heart of Ofwat. We are committed to being a truly diverse and inclusive employer, reflective of the customers and communities we serve, encouraging applications from all walks of life. Our aim is to create an environment where colleagues feel comfortable being themselves and bringing their whole self to work. We want an environment where everyone is treated equally, empowered to thrive, irrespective of their background, age, gender, location, ethnicity/race, religion/belief, marital status, sexual identity or disability. We are committed to creating an organisation which values all our people and their contribution, so that together we achieve our vision of improving life through water.

Ofwat people sitting round a big table talking in a meeting

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is one of the themes in our People Strategy which will help to make Ofwat A Great Place to Be.  Our Time to Act, Together, Strategy sets out our commitment to ensuring the water sector adds public value, bringing benefits to customers and communities as well as shareholders. To achieve this public value, we need to ensure that we understand and reflect the needs of all customers and communities in our work. Making sure that Ofwat reflects the communities we serve is an important part of this.

In January 2021, we launched a new project ‘Being Ourselves’ to develop an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy for Ofwat. Our new EDI strategy will:

  • Enable us to deliver one of the commitments in our People Strategy by creating an environment in which we can all be our true self at work
  • Guide all our work to promote EDI within Ofwat
  • Help to ensure that all our regulatory and other work reflects the communities we serve

To achieve these aims we prioritised the EDI agenda within Ofwat by delivering the following:

  • We finalised and published our Gender Pay Gap report in June 2020 which concluded Ofwat had a small gender pay gap and compared well relative to other organisations;
  • Created a new EDI steering group. The group has 16 members from across Ofwat with a rotating chair;
  • Improved our EDI data, changing how we categorise EDI data in line with best practice;
  • Established staff networks around protected characteristics (BAME+ and LGBTQ) and developed guidance for anyone wanting to set up additional networks. We have also connected with networks in the wider civil service and within other regulators;
  • Delivered Unconscious Bias training for our people, including our Board;
  • Set up reverse mentors for Chairman and Senior Leadership Team members.