Complaint about South West Water about work on private land

Case number


Summary of case

The complaint concerns the exercise of powers to lay pipes by South West Water Limited on land at Kenwyn Street Car Park, Truro.

Summary of Ofwat’s final decision

South West Water directed to make a payment of £1,500 to the complainant.

Wider lessons for companies and customers

Where a water/sewerage undertaker is working on private land, it needs to ensure that discussions intended to resolve outstanding issues on reinstatement works are concluded within an acceptable time.

Relevant powers

Section 181 of the Water Industry Act 1991, as amended.

Relevant Ofwat guidance

Pipes on private land

Date opened

16 June 2014

Date closed

7 April 2015

Key documents

Final determination of a dispute under section 181 of the Water Industry Act 1991: Staverton v South WestWater


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