We help to ensure the health of our rivers and waterways.

Our work has genuine significance – as the economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales, no other organisation does the work we do. It’s unique and meaningful. As well as the sense of achievement that comes from improving our rivers and waterways, there are plenty of additional benefits that you’ll have access to when you join us.

Our benefits

At Ofwat, you’ll have access to a range of benefits including:

  • 25 days’ annual leave. This increases by one day per year up to 30 days. You’ll also get 10.5 days’ public and privilege holidays every year.
  • Multiple generous Civil Service Pension schemes offering a range of options to suit you.
  • Fully integrated, flexible and hybrid working arrangements have been long established – giving you the professional freedom to work the way you work best.
  • Accessible offices located within easy reach of public transport hubs.
  • Strong culture of regular professional development – we’ll pay for your professional body membership fees.
  • ‘Eden Red My Lifestyle’ – package of voluntary benefits with exclusive discounts on everyday purchases, saving you money.
  • Cycle-to-work scheme – with a £4,000 limit you could save hundreds of pounds on a brand-new bike and everything you need to get to work on two wheels.
  • Interest-free season ticket loan for travel between home and office.
  • Health and wellbeing initiatives including free health-checks, access to the premium Headspace app, menopause support, financial wellbeing tools, talks and workshops on a range of topics.
  • Free eye tests and contribution towards lenses/spectacles if appropriate.
  • Three paid volunteering days – giving you the opportunity to spend time supporting a cause that’s close to your heart.
  • Give as you earn scheme – helping you give to charities of your choice in a tax-effective way.

Your career

We’re focused on continuously improving – in our work and in our personal careers. You’ll have access to a wealth of development opportunities like our ‘Ofwat Essentials’ modules about key elements of our work, delivered by our in-house subject matter experts. And ‘Tiny Talks’ which provide opportunities for Ofwat people to share their passions and interests, as well as a suite of Continuous Improvement modules leading to qualifications accredited by Cardiff University. And a whole range of development options, from technical development through your profession, through to leadership development and soft skills or team development. And, if you find a course you’d like to do, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it work.

Employee profiles

Cheryl Steventon, Interim Director in Major Projects

Ofwat colleague quote: "Learning and development is one of our main values, and it's something that everybody is supported with."

We sat down with Cheryl to discuss the opportunities she’s had at Ofwat and how we’ve supported her to develop her career.

I’ve been really lucky in my time at Ofwat to have had a vast variety of different career opportunities. I joined in 2004 as a graduate – in fact, one of my fellow graduates is still here! After finishing as a graduate, I went on to work as a Senior Associate and then worked my way up through the price review, to a Principal, and now I’m an Interim Director. Throughout all of that, there’s been the opportunity advertised internally to work on a different project or in a new area. So, if you want to look for new opportunities and work in different areas that’s usually facilitated.

We’re an ambitious organisation – we’re always pushing ahead. Learning and development is one of our main values, and it’s something that everybody is supported with. There’s a variety of ways you can do it. There’s on-the-job learning from colleagues who are super supportive and very giving of their time. There are also courses you can dip in and out of – like LinkedIn Learning and other online courses.

We do continuous improvement courses internally as well that you can do and learn from others. Then we’ve also got formal training, professional qualifications and things like that that people have been supported to do.

At Ofwat, you’ll find a role that grows as you do. Come and work at the source of everyday life.


Emma Farrugia, Graduate, Economics

Ofwat colleague quote: "I've got a great work-life balance, and you have real impact in the work that you're doing."

We sat down with Emma to discuss what life’s like as a grad at Ofwat. 

Coming in as a grad, the relationship with my colleagues has been great. All of the grads work together really well. We do a lot of activities together both out of work and within work. We’re encouraged to come into the office, collaborate, and meet in person as well as working at home, however that suits you. Ofwat give you ownership to make the decision that’s most appropriate for you, and work in the way that works well for you.

I have been given quite a lot of responsibility that I can use to learn and build going forward. Even at my junior level, I’ve had the chance to be involved right from when I joined, doing something that has a big impact.

We have training courses available to us through LinkedIn Learning and there are lots of opportunities for us to develop while on the grad scheme – we spend around 20% of our time on training, so it’s something that’s really well supported and encouraged.

Ofwat is the best place I’ve ever worked. It’s been brilliant. Everyone’s really supportive. I’ve got a great work-life balance, and you have real impact in the work that you’re doing.

As a grad at Ofwat, you’ll be given all the support you need to start a rewarding career that comes with huge impact. Come and work at the source of everyday life.


Tom Greaves, Talent Partner

Ofwat colleague quote: "Work-life balance at Ofwat is honestly fantastic. It's like no other environment I've been in."

We sat down with Tom to discuss work-life balance and how Ofwat supports his wellbeing.

Ofwat has a range of ways in which they support our wellbeing, which is especially helpful when work is busy. Things like coffee catchups, which is a chance to meet people across the organisation, and just talk about how things are going with work, what you do, and build those connections. We also run Tiny Talks, which are talks that people give about an important topic in their personal life. We’ve had people that have gone through serious illness and wanted to talk about how they did it, resilience, how they felt, what support was required, and share that experience. Along with that, we have a range of services, and Mental Health First Aiders. We also do health checks every year as well. It’s really top of the agenda for making sure everybody is feeling healthy in themselves.

Work-life balance at Ofwat is honestly fantastic. It’s like no other environment I’ve been in. This is my first public sector job, so my experience is all in the private sector. I’ve got a great work-life balance.

At Ofwat, we work with our wellbeing in mind. So, you’ll be given all the support you need to find your perfect work-life balance. Come and work at the source of everyday life.


Daniel Mitchell, Head of Base Expenditure – PR24

Ofwat colleague quote: "Ofwat has given me a great platform to develop as a leader."

We sat down with Daniel to discuss how Ofwat has supported his wellbeing and career development.

I had to take a period of leave from work for the first time in my career due to a long-term health condition in 2023. My manager and other leaders in Ofwat were so supportive. I was told to take as much time off as I needed to recover. Temporary resources were also brought in, so my team continued to be supported in my absence, which allowed me to focus on my recovery and not worry about work.

Ofwat has given me a great platform to develop as a leader. In my previous position in consultancy, it was difficult for me to develop managerial skills due to resource constraints. But joining Ofwat allowed me to build and grow a successful team, which allowed me to deliver analysis through others and develop excellent people management and leadership skills. This was helped by an excellent people leader training course that Ofwat ran soon after I joined, which gave me a great platform to build upon.

At Ofwat, we work with our wellbeing in mind. So you’ll be given all the support you need to find your perfect work-life balance. Come and work at the source of everyday life.


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