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I assess water companies' long-term delivery strategies.

There are a wide variety of career paths you can follow at Ofwat, making the most of your experience and career aspirations. Check out the ‘Role overview’ section for more information about how we organise our work in our directorates.

Spotlight roles

Here we're spotlighting three roles we frequently recruit.  Each play a crucial part in helping us to drive transformative change in the water industry, so that it delivers better outcomes for customers and the environment, now and in the future.

Economist Senior Associate & Principal

Undertake numerical and economic analysis to inform policy decisions which have a meaningful impact on society and the environment.

You'll be able to bring economics to life when faced with real-world economic problems to reach sensible recommendations and incorporate complexity where necessary. You'll need strong analytical skills, including the ability to collect and assess evidence to inform robust decisions. You’ll have a degree in economics or a related field with significant economic focus.

You'll be comfortable presenting findings and proposals to internal and external stakeholders. You'll be able to explain complex technical issues to non-technical audiences. Working as part of, or leading, a multi-disciplinary team, you’ll be expected to take responsibility for your work areas.

Our economists engage in a wide range of activities across Ofwat in several of our directorates, such as Price Review, Major Markets, RAPID & Environmental Planning, and Office of the Chief Executive. Each directorate brings the opportunity to develop detailed understanding of the area and develop specialism while refining broader economist skills.

Environment Senior Associate

Help shape Ofwat's approach to water regulation in England and Wales, using your skills and experience to improve our water environment.

You’ll be comfortable representing Ofwat and communicating Ofwat policy to environmental stakeholders. You’ll provide advice and make recommendations, ensuring Ofwat understands and can incorporate environment policy into its work, proactively sharing skills and knowledge. And you'll forge excellent links across the water sector in relation to environmental policy.

You’ll understand environmental issues and have experience of the water/wastewater sector with a data analytical background. While your ability to work effectively across organisational boundaries and challenge the status quo will be essential.

Policy Specialist Senior Associate

Help us develop, review, and enhance our current policies, then assist with the implementation of new ones. For this, you’ll need knowledge of policy development and experience of working through the policy cycle from understanding the problem at hand to implementing a solution and evaluating its success.

You’ll be able to take complex information and make it easy-to-understand for all audiences, regardless of their technical knowledge. You can also collaborate and effectively engage with stakeholders, both internally and externally, to gather and share information and to solve regulatory problems. You’ll have an analytical approach and be able to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Our policy roles engage in a wide range of activities across Ofwat. There are a number of directorates where policy specialists are required, such as Price Review, Major Markets, RAPID & Environmental Planning, Sector Performance, Casework, Enforcement and Customers. Each directorate brings the opportunity to develop detailed understanding of the area and develop specialism while refining broader policy skills.

Our Directorates

Here’s a quick overview of the various areas you could work in at Ofwat.

roles 1

Price Review

Through the review process, we decide what companies must deliver for the next five years (and beyond) and then set revenue limits so that companies can recover their costs. We incentivise companies to outperform stretching targets across essential activities. All with the end goal of ensuring better outcomes for customers and the environment.

roles 3

Casework, Enforcement and Customers

We investigate and resolve relevant customer disputes or water company failures, to ensure that water and wastewater companies meet their legal obligations to their customers, society and the environment. We also assess applications from companies wanting to be granted a licence to serve customers in the water sector.

roles 5

Major Projects & Markets

We oversee the development, procurement and delivery of Major Projects for the water sector, such as the Thames Tideway Tunnel. This includes responsibility for frameworks to deliver third party competition such as Direct Procurement for Customers and Specified Infrastructure Projects Regulations. We are also responsible for the Business Retail Market, Developer Services and Charging regimes.

roles 7

Office of the Chief Executive

Professional teams that work across the whole of Ofwat including Legal, Corporate Governance, Communications, Chief Economist's Team, Investor Relations, Information Governance, Executive Assistants and Board Secretariat.

roles 2

Sector Performance

We drive transformation in water companies' performance using insight from our operational and financial monitoring. We also boost sector and company performance by regularly, visibly, and proactively challenging companies on their performance, using data and operational expertise.

roles 4

RAPID and Environmental Planning

Set up in 2019, RAPID (the Regulators' Alliance for Progressing Infrastructure Development) consists of a partnership between Ofwat, the Environment Agency and the Drinking Water Inspectorate. We help accelerate the development of new water infrastructure and design future regulatory frameworks. We work with stakeholders, improving regulation and removing barriers, and helping the sector respond to long-term water resources challenges.

roles 6

Corporate Enablers

We provide internal professional support services that enable Ofwat to be a high-performing organisation that is effective, efficient, and continually improving. Our teams include Finance, People Hub, Procurement, IT and Facilities and Workforce Management.

Ask us a question

What’s the culture and work environment like?
With offices in London and Birmingham, our culture is dynamic and forward-thinking – we’re always asking ourselves ‘how can we do things better?’ It’s this way of thinking that drives our agile working environment – which is vital to make sure water companies provide the best service to customers and communities, improve the environment, and ensure our water supplies are secure for future generations.

Our SAILOR values – support, ambition, integrity, learning, ownership, respect – drive our behaviour, connect our culture, and bring us together as a community.

Autonomy, collaboration and innovation are crucial to helping us do our best work. And, because everybody’s way of working is different, we’re flexible and respectful of that, and give people the professional freedom to do their work the best way they know how.

We’re a friendly bunch – we’re always happy to take some time out of our day to have a chat with a new starter to help them settle in. It’s just how we do things here.

Why Ofwat?
You’ll do work here that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s unique, meaningful and packed with purpose. One colleague described our work as an ‘intellectual playground’ – we couldn’t agree more! We love working on projects that need innovative solutions.

What are the challenges to working at Ofwat?
The water sector is quite complicated – so it can be a steep learning curve when getting to grips with the industry and how we regulate it. But we’ll make sure you feel supported every step of the way. It’s challenging work, but you’ll find colleagues are very generous with their time and always happy to answer a question or give you a hand.

What challenges does Ofwat face?
Our main challenges are: caring for the environment, keeping water affordable, and transforming water companies’ performance. They’re huge challenges – but also huge opportunities.

We work with the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, Drinking Water Inspectorate and other consumer bodies, to achieve our goals.

How does Ofwat encourage transformative change and innovation in water companies?
Our ‘Time to act, together’ strategy is focused on transforming the performance of water companies and the wider industry. That transformation will happen by setting big ambitions, motivating, and holding companies to account, and through schemes like our Innovation Fund – a competition set up to tackle challenges like climate change, population growth and water scarcity.

We also set water companies ambitious goals focused on improving their performance and encourage water companies to think long term so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy safe, clean water.

How does Ofwat ensure that the water companies follow Ofwat’s guidelines?
We hold water companies to account for their performance and, if the targets aren’t met, we can set penalties, issue fines and seek legally binding undertakings. We regularly publish reports comparing water companies’ performance in key areas.

What are the working hours?
A typical working week is 37 hours with agile working practices. We give our people autonomy and professional freedom because we know that’s how they find their perfect work-life balance and do great work.

What is the onboarding and training like?
Before you start, we’ll connect you with your People Leader who’ll be your primary point of contact and will help you to make connections as you join and work with you to set your development goals.

Everyone has access to a wide range of development opportunities. This will vary depending on your profession and you can also book your own training if you see the right opportunity. You'll work alongside experts in your field, and you could develop through exposure to different projects, by connecting with relevant networks, or through more formal learning such as online programmes or in-person collaboration. Your People Leader will help make sure you get what you need to achieve your goals.


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