Organisational structure

In ‘Time to act together – Ofwat’s strategy’ we said that these three strategic goals for the sector, and the changes to our regulatory approach we set out, mean we need to evolve how we work. To achieve this we are, among other things, building on our experience of creating interdisciplinary teams so we are agile and efficient in everything that we do. We are calling these ‘clusters’.


Performance and Outcomes (led by Aileen Armstrong, Emma Kelso and John Russell) will develop and implement policy, and monitor company performance across the sector to drive improvement.

Insight & impact (led by Alena Kozakova, our Chief Economist) will provide us with insight needed to understand how the sector is performing, evaluate our policies’ effectiveness, and develop our data capabilities to underpin all areas of our work

Future assets and resources (led by Keith Mason and David Black) will help ensure future major infrastructure and water resource needs are delivered in a cost effective and environmentally beneficial way.

The Regulators’ Alliance for progressing infrastructure development (RAPID) (led by Paul Hickey), the alliance with the Environment Agency and Drinking Water Inspectorate, will facilitate the development of strategic solutions and regulatory frameworks to our meet our long term water resource needs.

PR24 and beyond (led by David Black) will shape and design the 2024 price review (PR24) to accelerate progress towards our long term goals for the sector.

They will be complemented by our regulatory enablers cluster (including the Chief Economists unit led by Alena Kozakova; casework and enforcement – where Emma Kelso leads; Government engagement and establishing Ofwat’s Wales office, led by John Russell; communications led by Claire Forbes and legal led by Jenny Block our General Counsel), and our corporate enablers cluster led by Lisa Commane (which includes People, Finance and Procurement, ICT, facilities and change).