Our people

© Dan Wong
© Dan Wong

Whenever you ask anyone about the good points of working for Ofwat, the word ‘people’ is always close to the top of the list. We have a diverse range of people from different backgrounds and with a wide variety of skills – from apprentices and graduate trainees, to technical experts, engineers and experienced economists.

Meet Helen and Lisa, as they chat about why they enjoy working at Ofwat

And here are a few more of us.

What our people say

Alison Cullen

Alison Cullen

Principal, Strategy and Planning

“Having worked on customer complaints for various water bodies, in 2011 I took on consumer engagement for the 2014 price review. More recently, I’ve been asked to draft a code of practice, based on my extensive corporate knowledge.

“I work at Ofwat because of the people, and because the work is varied and always a challenge, with a variety of things to deal with. I have the chance to get involved in a range of different projects and it’s good to work with such friendly people.”

Alison has worked at Ofwat for the past 26 years.


Chris Pepper

Chris Pepper

Principal, Strategy and Policy

“I’m currently engaged in a range of roles, including being programme manager for the Finance and Governance programme and carrying out policy roles on our work on:

  • board leadership, transparency and governance;
  • our approach when we suspect companies may be in financial distress; and
  • various licence changes arising from things such as a recent water company merger.

“Ofwat is a good place to work for, with a clear sense of purpose focused on customers. There are opportunities to get involved in a diverse range of work and it’s good to work with friendly, helpful people who care about what they are doing.”

Chris has an MSc in Management and Strategic Information Systems. He has previously worked at NatWest, Bournville Village Trust and Wrox Press.

Freddie Levett

Graduate Associate

“I’m currently involved in planning the delivery of the next price review, including making recommendations about how to develop the programme in multiple areas (such as leadership, people and resourcing). I will be moving to my second placement in March and begin working in the customer affordability and vulnerability team.

“Ofwat offered me the chance to use the quantitative (economics) and qualitative (politics) sides of my degree that few other organisations could. Having a graduate scheme with rotations was especially attractive as it allows me – given I’m only just beginning my career – to have a wide range of development opportunities and learn new skills very quickly.

“There are opportunities to get involved in so many interesting projects and in a variety of different roles. The people are fantastic to work with, always willing to give up their time to explain things and putting your best interests at heart – not to mention interesting, weird and hilarious.”

This is Freddie’s first permanent role since leaving university with a BA in Economics and Politics.