Our duties

The duties for most of our work as an economic regulator are laid down in section 2 of the Water…

Our five-year business plan

This sets out our overall approach for delivering our strategy over the next five years.

Our forward programme

This sets out what we will deliver in the next year.

What we do

Ofwat is the economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales. Our work helps to tackle some of the biggest challenges, such as climate change, that threaten the water we rely on. What we do every day has a direct impact on customers, communities and the environment: 

  1. We work to ensure value for money, keeping water affordable even for those on low incomes.  
  1. We put the environment at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that water companies protect and improve the environment for future generations 
  1. We listen to household and business customers, through research and engagement to understand how customer needs are changing. Our #ListenCareShare campaign shows how we listened to customers experiences during Covid-19. 
  1. We look for innovative ways to tackle challenges, such as nature-based solutions, or better use of data. Our Innovation Fund provides up to £200m of funding for water companies and their partners to help build the sector's capacity to innovate. 
  1. We ensure that water companies are run with a clear public purpose, adding value for customers and communities as well as shareholders 

Our strategy, Time To Act Together, sets out the three goals we have set ourselves to achieve this: 

  1. To transform water companies' performance 
  1. To drive water companies to meet long-term challenges, such as climate change, through increased collaboration and partnerships 
  1. For water companies to provide greater public value, delivering more for customers, society and the environment.  

You can find out more about the work we are doing to achieve these goals in our Forward Programme for the year. 

Our people say

Brigitte Gaylor

Senior Associate, Casework

“I chose Ofwat because I wanted to work not far from where I live and do something which matches my skill set.

“The flexibility here is second to none, and the culture of trust that we have developed not only works from the way we regulate but filters down to the way we do things here too. Our work is as exciting as it is challenging and every day is different – for me, it certainly is an intellectual playground! Our ways of working are revolutionary and for me; it’s a privilege to be here.”

Brigitte has a BA (Hons) in Economics. She has previously worked at the Central Bank of the Seychelles.