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© Dan Wong
© Dan Wong

At Ofwat, the combination of matrix working and resource pools means that there are lots of ways to progress through your career and broaden your role, experience and skill set.

Hear what Natasha has to say about how we develop our people.


As vacancies open up at the next level, your hard work and commitment can be recognised with a move to either a brand new role or a role at the next level.


Ofwat is part of the Civil Service Secondment Scheme and is a member of the UK Regulators Network (UKRN) – both of which can provide the opportunity for our people to be seconded to other organisations for a period of time. This gives individuals a valuable opportunity to gain experience of other organisations and skill sets. It also helps them to develop a professional profile.


Ofwat’s Apprenticeship Scheme is designed to help young people gain the skills and experience they need to become productive and valuable members in whatever employment and field they choose. We are currently piloting our Apprenticeship Scheme in the Operations resource pool through the ASPIRE Apprenticeship Scheme.

Graduate Scheme

We recruit graduates into a scheme that sees them spend several structured secondments across the different resource pools within Ofwat.

During an 18-month period, this allows them to:

  • adjust to the work place;
  • develop new skills;
  • benefit from mentoring by senior colleagues; and
  • find out where they want to focus their future career development.

In 2015, we began collaborating with Ofgem, allowing our graduates to alternate their secondments between both regulators.


Ofwat prides itself on being a learning organisation. So we think that all our people should have the opportunity to learn and hone new skills, and develop their knowledge in the way that suits them best. Each resource pool has learning co-ordinators, who can advise and help you find the right learning solution for you.

What our people say

Jenny Ngai

Jenny Ngai

Associate, Analytics

“I am currently working on a range of projects within the organisation, including Finance and Governance (information and modelling, and monitoring and assurance delivery) and Water 2020 (2014 price review blind year reconciliation, and as an engagement manager).

“Ofwat is an ACCA-approved employer for both trainee and professional development. Having this employer status provides a guarantee for me that I will be able to achieve a professional qualification in accountancy.

“Ofwat has provided me with a generous study package to help me to achieve my professional accountancy qualification. This was particularly relevant to my role when I joined the regulatory accounts team in 2010. Ofwat’s annual leave entitlement and flexi-hours also make it a great place to work too.”

Jenny has affiliate status with ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and a BCom (Hons) in Commerce. She has previously worked for the Department for Work and Pensions.