Advisory Panel members (Multiple roles) BC479

The Organisation

Ofwat (the Water Services Regulation Authority) is pursuing an ambitious strategy, making sure we have the skills, processes, systems, governance and organisational culture needed to enable us to deliver our new vision for the water and sewerage sectors. What we do makes a real difference to water customers across the country.

Our work is high-profile and fast-moving, within a dynamic and agile environment. The work that you’ll be involved in every day will be about helping us to deliver our strategy, helping to us to be the regulator we want to be and helping the sector to deliver outcomes that matter to customers and society. Our strategy sets out the role Ofwat will play. We will adapt, be confident, act with purpose and integrity and continuously improve so that we make the greatest contribution possible to improving life through water. We are a small organisation of c250 people with a big role and national impact which is requiring systems thinking and adaptive leadership.

The Role

The advisory panel roles will operate across our work at Ofwat, but will particularly focus on the following three clusters of work:

PR24 and beyond will shape and design the 2024 price review (PR24) and PR29 to accelerate progress towards our long term goals for the sector.

Future assets and resources will help ensure future major infrastructure and water resource needs are delivered in a cost effective and environmentally beneficial way.

The Regulators’ Alliance for Progressing Infrastructure Development (RAPID) will identify and address issues relevant to the development of major water supply infrastructure projects and analyse the feasibility of strategic water supply schemes. 17 schemes have been proposed so far.

We are looking to appoint a panel of experts in economic regulation, development of markets and/or corporate finance to help to support the development of our regulatory approach in particular in regard to PR24 and future assets and resources. You will be involved from the early stages of work, helping shape our approach and challenging and informing our work as it develops.

We are also looking to appoint experts in infrastructure development to support our RAPID work programme. This includes individuals with proven experience of managing the delivery of big infrastructure in the UK regulatory context. As well as the UK context we are also looking for individuals with expertise in infrastructure development internationally and the development of infrastructure to serve multiple benefits and to benefit / be funded by several parties. We are also looking for individuals with commercial experience of infrastructure development, including investment and corporate finance expertise. The candidates need not have specific experience of water infrastructure however this would be an advantage.

We would expect panel members to be acknowledged experts in their chosen field of activity, and can provide thought leadership or insights from a range of regulatory environments and be able to bring considerable experience and expertise to bear on the issues that Ofwat will need to address going forwards.

As a trusted adviser to Ofwat, you will often be involved in a variety of activities spanning the most complex and critical parts of the regulatory framework. The work could involve:

  • providing thought pieces on individual topics;
  • attending [virtual] meetings to provide input on emerging thinking; and
  • reviewing parts of documents to provide and challenge work as it develops

Work will be commissioned on an individual basis and will depend on the needs of Ofwat as it develops its regulatory approach.

The Requirements

To thrive in this role the successful candidate will be responsible for the following deliverables – applying their knowledge and experience as outlined below (full details can be obtained from the Candidate Information Pack on Ofwat’s careers page):

  • Thought pieces on individual topics, which we may seek to publish to support our emerging thinking;
  • Discuss, review and comment on the development of the regulatory framework.
  • perspectives on emerging issues related to the infrastructure schemes included in the RAPID process
  • Provide input on future regulatory frameworks to support the efficient development of water supply infrastructure.

The Offer

This is an appointment. It will be a call-off contract, with a capped number of days per year, but there will be no guaranteed minimum number of days. The contract will likely run until December 2022.

Fee & Hours

We ask applicants to provide a proposed hourly/daily rate for their work as part of the application process.


The role will not be based in Ofwat’s offices. However if conditions permit, there might be a need to attend meetings in either Birmingham or London.

Please forward a CV and cover letter, including the relevant experience required for this post. Please ensure that you have outlined how your skills and experience meet the criteria set out in the requirements section of the role profile. All applications require a CV Supplement form (mandatory) and a Diversity form (optional) to be completed as part of the process.

More information is available in our candidate information pack.

Please email your CV and supporting documents to [email protected] with the name of the vacancy in the subject along with the reference number. The closing date is 8 December at 5pm.