Ofwat calls for more transparency in meter reading services for the business retail water market


Ofwat has written to all water wholesalers and retailers to ask them to improve transparency around meter reading services in the business retail water market.

In its letter, Ofwat has made a series of recommendations to wholesalers and retailers to address these issues in order to help reinforce trust and confidence in the market.

The recommendations focus on improving transparency from wholesalers who offer meter reading services, and addressing issues that stem from poor interaction between wholesalers and retailers on standards and terms for meter reading services.

The sector will be monitored against these recommendations as part of Ofwat’s ongoing market monitoring, and failure to act on the recommendations could result in Ofwat taking further action.

Ofwat Senior Director for Customers and Casework, Emma Kelso said:

“Poor interaction between wholesalers and retailers has a knock-on impact on customers and the quality of services they receive. Our recommendations call for the wholesalers to take immediate action to improve meter reading services by making these services more transparent to all market participants and customers.

We expect to see significant improvement and if necessary, we will use regulatory tools if we believe there has been anti-competitive behaviour.”


Notes to editor:

  • CLICK HERE to download Ofwat’s letter to wholesalers and retailers about meter reading in the retail market
  • For further information on the business retail water market, visit https://www.open-water.org.uk/