PN 01/18: Aquaflow awarded licence to operate in the retail water market


Aquaflow Utilities Limited has become the latest entrant to the retail water market after being granted a water and sewerage licence by regulator Ofwat.

There are now 25 retailers operating in the market, providing even greater choice for non-household customers in England.

The retail water market, which launched on 1 April 2017, is the largest of its kind in the world and allows businesses, public bodies and charities to ‘shop around’ to identify the best retailer for them, rather than having to use their local water supplier, as has been the case until recently.

Licensed retailers buy wholesale water services – the physical supply of water and the removal of wastewater – from the regional water companies, which continue to supply physical water to each premises. Retailers can package these water services together with other services to develop bespoke packages to suit individual business needs, ranging from customer service to water efficiency.

Ofwat Senior Director, Emma Kelso said:

 “It’s a positive to start 2018 with 25 retailers in the retail water market. Greater competition in the market will result in more choice and better deals for customers. We are encouraged to hear retailers saying they will provide exceptional customer service to customers. We hope businesses, public sector organisations and charities continue to interact with the market and take full advantage of either renegotiating with their existing retailer or shopping around for the deal that suits them best.”


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