PN 08/18: Retail water market hits 100,000 switches


Interest in the business retail water market is on the increase, according to figures released by market operator MOSL today. Over 100,000 eligible business sites have now switched water and wastewater supplier since the market opened ten months ago.

The retail water market, which launched on 1 April 2017, allows eligible non-household customers in England to choose their water and wastewater supplier. The market gives customers more options for their water services, allowing them to negotiate with retailers regarding price and to choose a service package to suit their needs.

Ofwat Senior Director, Emma Kelso said:

“Our overall goal with the retail water market is to promote customers’ trust and confidence in water and wastewater, and these figures today show that businesses are taking advantage of the open market.

“Business water customers have the opportunity to save on the whole bill; particularly through water efficiency services, customer service, interaction with retailers and opportunities for reduced administration costs.

“There’s scope for much more to come as the market develops and grows and that will only benefit customers in the long term.”


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