PN 19/17: Ofwat confirms new Board appointment


Ofwat has today confirmed that the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has appointed David Black as an executive member of its Board, following consultation with the Welsh Assembly and Ofwat.

David Black was appointed as Ofwat’s Senior Director, Water 2020 in 2016 and is part of the leadership team for the 2019 price review alongside Ofwat Senior Directors, Aileen Armstrong and John Russell.

Ofwat Chairman, Jonson Cox said:

“I’m pleased to welcome David to the Board, complementing the strong team we already have. David’s experience in the 2014 price review and his leadership of Ofwat’s Water 2020 programme, means he brings a depth of knowledge and skills to the Board. I look forward to the valuable contribution he will make.”

The appointment follows the departure of Ofwat Executive Board member Richard Khaldi who left to join the private sector in May 2017.


Notes to editor:

David Black joined Ofwat in 2012 and before his appointment as Senior Director, Water 2020, he was Director of Economics. Before that he led the finance and modelling workstreams for the 2014 price review. David has also worked in economic consulting, advising on economic regulation and competition in communications and utilities. Prior to consulting, David was an economist at Oftel and the New Zealand Treasury and NZ Commerce Commission.

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