Operational Resilience Information Request Pro-formas

2021-22 Operational resilience information request pro formas

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28th April, 2022




Data / PR24


In our operational resilience discussion paper we have proposed two types of information request. An immediate data request that focuses on tabulated data, and an exploratory request where we are interested in more descriptive responses to key questions (companies can also provide data if they wish for any of the exploratory requests). We asked water and sewerage companies (WaSCs) to report five wider measures (three measures as immediate data requests and two measures as an exploratory request) as part of the 2021-22 voluntary data and information request. We asked water only companies (WOCs) to report two wider measures (one measure as immediate data request and another as an exploratory request). The purpose of this spreadsheet is to allow companies to submit the information requested in a format to allow us to process the data provided. Companies should complete these tables and submit them at the same time as the annual performance report. This should be as soon as reasonably practicable and no later than Friday 15 July 2022.