Decision under sections 12A and 13 of the Water Industry Act 1991 to modify water companies' licences to introduce customer-focused principles

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18th December, 2023




In October 2023, we published a statutory consultation on our proposal to modify each water company's Instrument of Appointment (licence) by deleting existing Condition G and replacing it with a new principles based customer focused licence condition, and deleting existing Condition J. We have reviewed the responses to the consultation and have accordingly decided to modify all water companies' licences as we proposed to: 1. introduce a new customer-focused licence condition for each water company in a new Condition G, replacing the existing Condition G; and 2. delete current Licence Condition J. In this document, we set out our decision to modify Condition G and Condition J of company licences and explain both the effect of and the reasons for our modifications. Our modification decision is made under: • section 12A of the Water Industry Act 1991 (WIA91), for water companies whose areas are wholly or mainly in England (English water companies); and • section 13 of the WIA91, for companies whose areas are wholly or mainly in Wales (Welsh water companies). This document summarises responses to the October 2023 consultation and our decision in the light of these responses. The modification to each company's licence has effect from 12 February 2024.