Europe Economics - B-MeX report

Europe Economics report: The introduction of B-MeX into the Business Retail Market

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19th April, 2021




Commissioned report


In our review of incumbent company support for effective markets, and following support from a number of trading parties and the UK Water Retailer Council (UKWRC), we encouraged the sector to explore the development of a business customer measure of experience (B-MeX) incentive. The B-MeX incentive is intended to encourage wholesalers to better meet customers’ expectations and experiences of aspects of services provided by wholesalers. To support market participants in taking this work forward we are publishing an independent report by Europe Economics, which explores the concept and feasibility of a B-MeX incentive. This study has benefitted from input from Ofwat, CCW, MOSL and various trading parties; however the analysis and recommendations contained in the report reflect the views of Europe Economics.