Monitoring financial resilience - 2017 Report

Monitoring financial resilience 2016-17

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9th November, 2017




Comparative reports and data


Stakeholders rightly expect companies to deliver resilient water and wastewater services both now and in the longer term. We explained in ‘Resilience in the Round’ that companies should not just focus on the resilience of their assets and processes, but also consider their corporate and financial resilience. By considering these together companies can give stakeholders confidence that they understand the challenges they face and can deliver resilient services. This second annual monitoring report under our financial monitoring framework focuses on the issue of financial resilience, by which we mean a company’s ability to avoid, cope with and recover from, disruption to its finances. A company that is not financially resilient might not be able to deliver the quality or breadth of service that customers expect. **Edited December 2017 - page 21**