20180518 PR19 Business plan data tables

PR19 business plan data tables (published 18 May 2018)

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18th May, 2018




PR19 documents


These are the revised PR19 business plan data tables, taking account of all the queries that we have responded to by the 15 May. Included in these tables are draft data tables for App8, App 33, WS1a and WWS1a. These data tables reflect the changes proposed to deal with the treatment of leases under IFRS16. Further details of the treatment of leases under IFRS16 are set out in IN18/09 published on 21 May 2018. We intend to publish a full set of company specific business data tables including these proposed changes as well as F_input and F_output sheets in June. We will publish a revised business plan data tables guidance document by the end of May.