PR19 Final methodology queries and answers - 18 July batch 11

PR19 Final methodology queries and answers - 18 July

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18th July, 2018




PR19 final methodology


In the PR19 final methodology we stated that we will run a queries process for specific questions about the methodology. We stated that if a query was raised which we think is relevant to other stakeholders then we will publish the query and our response on our website. This document sets out our response to the 11th set of queries we have received on the PR19 final methodology. The query and clarification process has been extensive and we thank companies for their engagement and contribution. We consider it is important that companies can benefit from stable, fixed guidance as they move towards finalising their business plan submissions. We therefore do not plan to issue further updates to business plan tables or financial models unless absolutely critical. We will therefore only publicly respond to further queries by exception when the impact is likely to have a material impact on other companies.