PR24 and beyond:  A collaborative approach in Wales

PR24 and beyond: A collaborative approach in Wales

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17th March, 2022






At PR24, we are asking the water companies to set out their long-term delivery strategies for the next 25 years, and through this, demonstrate how their five-year business plan will deliver the right enhancements at the right time, to meet their long-term objectives.1 They will have to be conscious of future uncertainties and establish their long-term plans in a manner that can accommodate these uncertainties. Welsh stakeholders have made it clear that a collaborative approach is desirable when long-term strategies for Wales are being developed. This paper sets out: the context for collaboration in Wales including how the Strategic Priorities Statement and broader policies drive collaboration; the context of the next price review, PR24; what we hope the collaborative approach will contribute to identifying the high-level outcomes for the water companies; the role each party involved in the process will play; and what needs to happen next for the collaborative process to start.