Sewerage sector documents: Change proposal (Ref 008)

Sewerage sector documents: Change proposal (Ref 008) - Modification to Model Sewerage Adoption Agreement: Changes to occupancy and Surety requirements for land promoters

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16th May, 2022




Determinations and decisions


L&Q Estates (L&Q), a land promoter, submitted this change proposal on 5 November 2021 to the Independent Sewerage Adoption Panel (the Panel), with the Panel publishing the proposal on its website on the same day. L&Q has proposed two changes be made to the Model Sewerage Adoption Agreement (the Model Agreement): The first proposed change is to relax the current requirement in clause 8.2.2 that 'a wastewater company will not adopt the relevant wastewater infrastructure until the majority of the properties intended to be served by the wastewater infrastructure have been occupied' if the customer is a land promotor or master developer. The second proposed change is to remove the requirement for a surety to be party to the agreement (and likewise the requirement for a deposited sum in lieu of a surety) for land promotors and master developers meeting a predetermined acceptance criterion. On 4 February 2022, the Panel recommended to Ofwat, by unanimous decision, that the proposed change should be rejected.