CPW143 Decision Document

Wholesaler Maintenance of Yearly Volume Estimates for Non-Market Meters

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8th November, 2023




CPW143 will enable Wholesalers to add or edit the Yearly Volume Estimates (YVEs) for Non-Market Meters in CMOS. Currently, in the case of unread Non-Market Sub-Meters, YVEs and Industry Level Estimates (ILEs) are used to estimate usage when a SPID is established. These estimates are often inaccurate, but it is not possible in CMOS to edit a pre-existing YVE/ILE to a more accurate YVE. This change will allow such amendments, which should improve data quality and directly reduce the risk of inaccurate bills and bill-shock for at least 112 customers. We have consistently noted that poor data quality is a key market friction, and are therefore supportive of efforts to improve data quality in the market. We expect this Change Proposal will financially benefit customers by reducing the risk of inaccurate billing and bill-shock. In approving this Change Proposal, we continue to note the importance of billing based on actual reads and intend this change to be used only where this is not possible.