CPW147 Decision Document

Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW147

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11th December, 2023




Code Subsidiary Document (CSD) 0002 sets out information about the application of Market Performance Standards (MPS) 18 and 19, which encourage Retailers to take regular meter reads by applying a charge when there is an extended period between successive reads. In each month, MPS 18 and 19 allow 5% of a Retailer's total meter read tasks to fail before a charge is applied. One reading of the current drafting of CSD 0002 is that a Retailer could read the same meter multiple times in a month to increase their number of successful reads, and thus permit more failures elsewhere. This could perversely incentivise Retailers to read 'easy-to-read' meters more regularly than necessary at the expense of reading 'difficult-to-read' ones.