Decision document CPW148 FINAL

Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW148

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24th May, 2024




Ofwat is approving this Change Proposal. We consider that an Outgoing Retailer should be informed of any updates to Transfer Reads at the earliest opportunity, so that any inaccuracy in customer billing can be rectified promptly and reduce the risk of overpayment. It is important to ensure that customers are billed accurately in a timely way, and this change will facilitate this. In addition, this change will facilitate a more efficient switching process, in turn leading to an improved customer experience. Ideally Transfer Reads should be right first time and not require updating. However, we recognise that there may sometimes be circumstances around a transfer which means that this is unavoidable. We suggest that the Metering Committee may wish to investigate further why so many Transfer Reads currently need to be replaced and identify ways to improve the efficiency and timeliness of the Transfer Read processes.