Appeal against Bristol Water about the terms it is seeking under a self-lay adoption agreement

Case summary

We are investigating an appeal to us about the terms Bristol Water has sought to include in a self-lay adoption agreement for a specific development site. Specifically the Complainant objects to the charge Bristol Water is seeking to recover for each of the service connections the Complainant will self-lay on the site.

Date opened

22 April 2015

Relevant powers

Section 51B of the Water Industry Act 1991

Current status

We opened the case after carrying out an initial assessment.
We have written to the company and complainant to tell them the case has been opened and will be gathering further information from them to inform our investigation.


We will consider the information provided by the Company and the Complainant.
We will make a draft decision (‘draft determination’) on the case.
We will consult the company and complainant on our draft determination.
We will consider the views the company and complainant
We will make our final decision (‘final determination’) on the case.


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