Ofwat Board Appointments

Dear Colleague

You may have seen today’s announcement that the Secretary of State has now confirmed Jonson Cox to be my successor as Chair of Ofwat. This follows the approval of Jonson’s candidacy by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee.

I am delighted that Jonson is to succeed me and can now tell you that I will hand over the Chair of Ofwat to Jonson at the end of October.  We are both committed to ensuring a smooth transition.

In other news, Gill Owen resigned as a Non-Executive Director of the Ofwat Board at the end of July.  This is because she is moving to Australia.  My colleagues and I have greatly valued Gill’s contribution to the Board since her first appointment in 2007.

Board appointments to Ofwat are made by the Secretary of State in consultation with the Welsh Government.  The process of strengthening the Ofwat Board by recruiting new Non-Executive members will start shortly under Jonson’s auspices.  In the meantime the Board will continue to work to deliver on our strategy.

Yours sincerely

Philip Fletcher


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