Risk-based review initial cost threshold populated feeder models


On 4 April, we published the populated version of the risk-based review initial cost threshold feeder model for the companies that scored D (significantly more evidence required) in the wholesale cost test and we committed to publishing this information for the remaining companies at a later date. These are now available for the companies that scored C (more evidence required) and B (acceptable) in the wholesale cost test.

For each company, we are providing the populated versions of the initial cost threshold feeder model that have been used in our draft determinations. Affinity Water, Dwr Cymru, Northumbrian Water and South West Water’s draft determinations, and updated models are provided below.



Note that the models are in xlsm spreadsheets. If you are having problems opening it, we suggest you try downloading the file, and renaming it with a .xlsm file extension, and then opening it in Excel. Please note that it needs to be xlsm, not xlsx.