Service and delivery 2019-20

Water is vital for life – not just for people but for the environment and ecosystem on which we depend. At Ofwat, we believe that companies should provide the very best service for customers by improving life through water. Customers expect great service that is both reliable and affordable.

The way we regulate incentivises and encourages water companies to find new and better ways of delivering services so that customers will get more of what really matters to them.

Each year we assess the overall performance of water companies, ranking them in areas including leakage, customer satisfaction and pollution. The information in our service delivery report provides transparency for customers, and wider stakeholders, to see exactly how water companies are performing on the issues that matter to them.

Service delivery report highlights. Three bubbles each containing a list of the companies who performed better, average and poor. We also explain the key areas for assessment: leakage, customer satisfaction, pollution, water consumption reduction, supply interruptions. The full details can be found in the main report
Service delivery report 2019-20 – highlights

We’ve put together key highlights from this year’s report.

Download the full service and delivery report for 2019-20
Download the data for the service and delivery report 2019-20