Water Company Performance Report 2021-22

Each year Ofwat looks at the performance of the 17 largest water and wastewater companies in England and Wales across a set of key performance and expenditure metrics (in previous years this report was known as the Service Delivery Report). The information in the report provides transparency for customers, and wider stakeholders, to see how water companies are performing on the issues that matter to them.

Information used in this report is taken from company’s annual performance reports. Alongside the report, we present the data in an interactive dashboard below, which allows users to select and view a specific company or year.

Headline findings

In some areas we see companies responding to the challenge set out at the 2019 price review, however, in other areas progress is not being made at the pace required.

  • We are taking action to ensure that the poorest performing companies are making the improvements needed.
  • Levels of pollution incidents in the environment and customers’ homes remains too high.
  • Companies only spent 68% of their forecast enhancement cost allowances.
  • Customer satisfaction is falling. In 2021-22, the majority of companies reported a drop in customer satisfaction.
  • Companies met targets for key water asset health measures.
  • Companies need to continue to take action to protect the availability of water. Reducing demand needs to be a priority, as well as continuing to reduce leakage.

The dashboard below outlines companies’ progress in year 2 of the period and how performance in specific metrics is changing.



Water Company Performance Report 2021-22 – Key documents 

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