PR24 long-term delivery strategies

As we look ahead to PR24 and beyond, the water sector in England and Wales faces a series of long-term challenges. To help make the right decisions for the long term, we are asking companies to set out their five-year business plans in the context of a long-term delivery strategy.

Long-term delivery strategies will see the water sector take steps to embed an adaptive approach to planning for the future.

In November 2021, we published a discussion paper: PR24 and beyond: Long-term delivery strategies and common reference scenarios and accompanying Long Term Scenario Data Table, setting out:

  • our common requirements for long-term delivery strategies; and
  • a small number of common reference scenarios, to help develop and test the strategies.

It follows Ofwat’s consultation in May 2021 – PR24 and beyond: Creating tomorrow, together – which set out our ideas for PR24 and beyond.

Common reference scenario workshops 

To help develop the common reference scenarios, we hosted two workshops in October 2021 with companies, regulators and stakeholders.

First workshop, 1st October 2021

Long-term strategies and common reference scenarios

Creating the common reference scenarios

Second workshop, 15th October 2021

Common reference scenarios – second workshop