Workshops for non-enhanced companies following the outcomes of our risk-based review

As part of our 2014 price review, companies submitted business plans to us. We assessed these plans across key elements (our ‘risk-based review’) and published the outcomes of our risk-based review on 4 April 2014. We confirmed that South West Water and Affinity Water have gained enhanced status and sixteen other companies did not qualify for enhanced status. For these non-enhanced companies, the risk-based review identified areas where further dialogue is needed to improve our understanding of their plans – and the companies need to consider what additional evidence they need to submit to us.

Following our announcement of the outcomes of the risk-based review we held a number of workshops to give companies the opportunity to raise questions with us. Our aim was to support companies in understanding our approach and our requirements. We wanted to help companies to improve aspects of their plans, to address any gaps identified during the risk-based review, and to continue to take ownership and accountability of their plans.

The workshops focused on:

  • wholesale costs
  • legacy
  • outcomes and risk and reward
  • financial modelling
  • retail.

We are publishing the slides presented at the workshops and a summary of the most frequently raised or relevant questions and issues raised during the workshops together with our response.

Slides and questions and answers from the workshops