Working group one - Standardisation


​To advise on and to develop a published standardised contract form to encourage trade and reduce the transaction costs of organising new water trades​.

  • ​Explore the development of standardised commercial principles and approaches for water resources and bulk transfers​.
  • ​Work of group intended to enable the development of published standardised contract forms to encourage water resource sharing and reduce the transaction costs of organising new water trades. Will be both informed by the emerging thinking of the other working groups, and inform the other working groups as appropriate​.
  • ​Will consider the need for standardised principles and approaches to commercial terms in the context of the development, delivery and operation of the strategic resource schemes including water transfers and any other commercial agreements that might be necessary to deliver the schemes​.
  • ​Issues for consideration: allocation of pricing and water during drought and operational events, inclusion of DWI water quality standards and protocols, operation agreements on metering, force majeure, notice periods, consequences of termination, payment terms, dispute resolution, confidentiality, multi-party considerations, other commercial arrangements​.

​Chair – RAPID​

Southern Water​

Portsmouth Water​

Affinity Water​

Severn Trent Water​

Canal and River Trust​

RAPID/Drinking Water Inspectorate​

RAPID/Environment Agency