Working group two - Pricing, incentives and risks


To advise on and develop approaches to address key regulatory and commercial opportunities, gaps and barriers.

  • To enable co-ordination and collaboration to advise on and develop approaches to address issues around pricing, incentives and risk.
  • Work of group will include, but not be limited to, policy priority recommendations made by NERA in its work on bulk supply contracts and pricing. Will be both informed by the emerging thinking of the other working groups, and inform the other working groups as appropriate.
  • To build a shared understanding, each member of the Group will present on issues around resource options, incentives and risks in their region.
  • Members will work collaboratively on a small number of issues and policy options on pricing, risk and incentives, including commercial models, and submit papers to the Group for discussion.

Chair – RAPID
Northumbrian Water
Severn Trent Water
Bristol Water
Anglian Water
Bristol Water
South West Water
Thames Water
United Utilities
Water Resources South East
Dŵr Cymru
Natural Resources Wales
RAPID/Drinking Water Inspectorate